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Expedition 1: Twin Peaks and Environs

Expedition 2: Dioramas, murals and games

Expedition 3: Hills, stairs and the Kaiser Roof Garden

Expedition 4: The disaster tour!

Expedition 5: Julia Morgan, East Bay

Expedition 6: Miscellaneous Oddities

Expedition 7: The Bay

Expedition 8: Fisherman’s Wharf to Fort Mason

Expedition 9: Oldest Things

Expedition 10: Dunsmuir House and Nearby

Expedition 11: Avoiding Smoke

Expedition 18: San Pablo Avenue, pt. 1

Expedition 12: Bats!

Expedition 13: Vending Machines

Expedition 14: Little Russia

Expedition 15: Beavers and Birds

Expedition 16: Berkeley Stairs plus some History

Expedition 17: San Francisco Crosstown Trail

Expedition 18: On the street where I live, San Pablo Avenue

Expedition 19: McCrea Park

Expedition 20: Plants and animals

Expedition 21: History and Nature

Expedition 22: Dirty Harry

Expedition 23: My Berkeley Neighborhood

Expedition 24: Crosstown Trail, Section 5

Expedition 25: Art Galleries

Expedition 26: The Roof Deck!

Expedition 27: Bus #7

Expedition 28: Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island

Expedition 29: Sacramento

Expedition 30: USS Hornet, Bay Area Makerfarm and the Spite House

Expedition 31: Crab Cove Visitor Center

Expedition 32: Crosstown Trail Sections 5 and 4

Expedition 33: Martinez train, bike and walk

Expedition 34: Art, mostly

Expedition 35: East Cut, San Francisco

Expedition 36, It’s great to be alive in Colma!