Expedition 30: USS Hornet, Bay Area Makerfarm and the Spite House

The sharp eyed among you may notice that last week I posted Expedition 31 and now we’re back to 30. What gives? I took Expedition 30 right before my trip to Mexico and ran out of time/got distracted and forgot to post it. So, here you go!

The USS Hornet is huge. Huge on the outside and warren-like inside. This aircraft carrier was active during World War II and was decommissioned in 1970. I focused my attention on what life was like to live aboard the ship rather than why they were aboard. With two major wars going on in the world right now, I didn’t have the stomach to appreciate the ship’s wartime heroics. 

The sleeping quarters seem nightmarish to me. Large rooms lined with lockers with no windows and triple decker bunks! Yikes! Officers had it better with a spacious two bunk room with a sink and desk. Patients in sick bay had slightly more room, but not much. Since it was a nicer space, they needed to post on the sick bay door the words “This is not a lounge” so healthy personnel wouldn’t freeload. 

For some reason, there’s a 50’s living room mock-up tucked into an alcove. I really like the painted shadow letters. 

Next, I went to the Makerfarm. It wasn’t open but I was able to commune with the goats and chickens through the fence. They sell eggs and I highly recommend them. Sooo tasty! This place is an interesting mash-up of makerspace, farm, bike shop and more. They regularly host socials with food and drink and perhaps a visit to see the pigs! 

Last stop: the Spite House. I found this on Atlas Obscura and visited a few years ago with Cheryl G. The history of the house is not certain but most sources say it was built to block the views of the house next door. That is dedication to a feud! The house is currently occupied and the owners are friendly with the neighbors, thankfully. 

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