Expedition 15: Beavers and Birds

November 1, 2023. I was looking forward to seeing beavers in Fairfield where they’ve constructed dams along Laurel Creek which runs through town, but I did not. I know they’re active from dusk to dawn so I arrived around sunset. Unfortunately, I don’t actually know what a beaver’s dam looks like. I saw a few spots where a tangle of branches and brush and whatnot partially blocked the creek flow but were they dams? No idea!

I poked around for awhile with a flashlight hoping to hear some splashing or tail paddling, but again, I didn’t really know what to look for. I research ahead of time, but I routinely find myself experiencing the unexpected and unplanned. Such is the nature of my expeditions! Anyway, I’ll try again, perhaps with some expert guidance. I noticed it was fun to be out after dark; I like this dramatic tree photo.

Before the dam search, I stopped at Wetlands Edge Park, along the Napa River in American Canyon. That trip leg was more successful. Not quite as many birds close enough to see well as I hoped, but it’s a pretty place. I saw some swans, way too far away to photograph, and this tiny (maybe 20 feet long) glass beach full of broken glass bits brought in by the tides. I know winter is good for birding so there will be more bird-oriented expeditions.

My grand finale was dinner in Suisun City, where I’ve never been. I walked around the rather quiet downtown waterfront. People were fishing and I saw a lot of something splashing around in the slough. Also this nifty lighthouse. 

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