Expedition 1: Twin Peaks and Environs

Note: This first expedition was a spontaneous outing. The following week I decided I had so much fun that I would go out once a week for a new adventure!

July 12, 2023. I had a little adventure today in SF. First I hiked some trails at Laguna Honda. Did you know there are trails there? Built in 2017. Only 2.5 miles, but really pretty. Next I visited the Twin Peaks Reservoir and admired its lovely green waters through the fog.

Headed north east to find the Pemberton Stairs and then more stairs at Tank Hill. The last two photos are of a street grandly named Bilger Avenue that I bushwhacked up from Belgrave Avenue to Twin Peaks Blvd. No signs, not on Google maps, but I found an article giving its name. Avenue indeed!

At the end of my journey today I stopped in at the Randall Museum. They have a model train exhibit! I love those. 

I also loved the sculpture “Windswept” by Charles Sowers on the side of the building. It’s covered with wind direction indicators (which are lovely on their own) that move in the wind. This artist has created quite a few beautiful science exhibits at the Exploratorium as well. I only wish this one was mounted on the other side of the building where there’s seating rather than the parking lot. I could have sat there a long time admiring it!

2 thoughts on “Expedition 1: Twin Peaks and Environs”

  1. Michele Stephenson

    I agree, they should’ve put it where people can watch and admire it. I would love to see a video of it. Next time!

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