Expedition 6: Miscellaneous Oddities

August 16, 2023. First stop was the Western Pacific Depot, near Jack London Square, used as a railway station from 1910 to 1970. It has the distinction of being named the first official Oakland landmark. Since the 70’s it’s been occupied by different businesses. I was pleased to see that the fenced in seating area in front is still open. 

Next I biked down to the 5th Avenue Marina, a funky little spot that seems to be holding on despite the Brooklyn Basin development encroaching on it. Long may it live! I was looking for the spaceship which was moved from the old Astro Circle playground I remember near Lake Merritt. The park had a rocket and a “moon cheese” climbing structure as well. Couldn’t find it, but there’s cool stuff to see there. 

Stop 3 was a visit to the Bay Bridge troll who tirelessly guards the bridge from harm. I still haven’t biked all the way to Treasure Island. Perhaps a future expedition…

Last stop was at the Telegraph Avenue windmill. Apparently it was a hamburger stand in the 1930’s. That era seems like it was a popular time for novelty shaped food stands. I’m amazed it hasn’t been torn down. Someone who lives in the building next door said it’s owned by Steele’s Discount Scuba; I guess they like it. 

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