Explore-y Holes

I created two pieces, Lighty Head Hole and Sandy Sea Hole, as part of a group show titled Explorey-torium at a private event. Our theme was holes for people to explore. This one consists of four 24” paper lanterns with different colored LED bulbs suspended near the top. They were hung upside down so the larger hole, big enough to fit your head into, was on the bottom. People were encouraged to duck inside the lanterns and experience the bright colored light. I took inspiration from works of immersive colored light by some of my favorite artists, Oliafur Eliason and James Turrell.

The Sandy Sea Hole is a calming environment evocative of the seaside. Inside a canvas teepee were pillows to sit on and a soft mound of beach sand surrounded by driftwood for people to wiggle their toes in. There are jars of ocean scented beads, a seashell mobile hanging from the roof and a ten minute, looping soundtrack of seaside sounds (link below to play it). 

Sandy Sea Hole Soundscape