Utility Box Art

Year of Completion: 2012
Medium: photocopies on paper
Size: 67″ x 24″ x 33″

I was invited to create art on a utility box in the Uptown neighborhood of Oakland, at Telegraph and 27th Street. The project is sponsored by KONO, the Koreatown Northgate business district. My aim was to draw people’s attention to their surroundings. We walk down the same streets every day and we become blind to what’s around us.

The photos on the box are of the view beyond the box. They were rasterized to make them a bit abstract, and so that viewers would need to really look to see what they depict. The rasterizing also means that if the viewer is too close, the image is hard to recognize. I wanted to encourage passersby to take some time and notice what’s there and all around them.