Expedition 26: The Roof Deck!

February 15, 2024. Expeditions have been on hold since I fractured my tibia on January 30. It’s tough to go far afield by myself in the wheelchair (and I’m nervous about navigating city streets and traffic in it on my own). However, I figured out a way to get in and out of my apartment in the chair. I employed it on this short foray.

Getting out the door isn’t too hard because I have the bookcase to brace against. More of a challenge was video-ing while I rolled the chair, which needs both hands to do. I’ll have to work on that; bring a little tripod next time. 

Getting onto the deck also wasn’t too hard because the door isn’t heavy. Still, I appreciate every day how much easier my convalescence is because I’m in good shape! I can lift myself up with my arms. I can squat (albeit with just one leg) to sit. I can reach my toes so it’s easy to put a sock onto my right foot without bending my leg. Today’s PSA: stay in shape; you never know when you’ll need to be!

I’ve spent time reading up on the deck when the weather has been nice. Right now, it’s the easiest way for me to get out and get some sun. The clouds were lovely on this day. 

And now for the dramatic finale. My apartment door is a thick metal fire door, quite heavy. With my little task chair I can manage to push backwards against it and squeeze in. Not so with the wheelchair. I stationed one crutch outside my door. I use that to stand up and get the door open. 

Inside the door I’ve stationed this heavy duty door stop and a rubber mallet. The door is so heavy I have to hammer the doorstop in. That gives me clearance to roll inside, ideally not running over Lars’ tail. I’m really happy I came up with this idea! Even if I don’t end up braving the streets by myself, it feels good to know I still have some degree of autonomy. I’m sure anyone who’s been in this situation can relate. 

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