Shows and Exhibits:

February 2010: AMP: Connect at Meridian Gallery, San Francisco

May 2010: MAMA HAM group show/event

June 2010: Open Studios East Bay at 23HAM

November 2010: Pro Arts Box Art Show

April-May 2011: “In the Forest,” interactive multimedia installation at Art Thou Gallery, Berkeley

September 2011: Burning Man camp installation. Walk Through the Door

November 2011: Pro Arts Box Art Show. One of five curator’s picks (also purchased by curator Danielle Fox)

June 2012: Utility box art installation on Telegraph Avenue sponsored by KONO

October 2012: Pro Arts Box Art Show

November 2012: Papergirl SF at Incline Gallery, SF

April 2013: Glyph: Text in Art, Art Ark Gallery, San Jose, CA

November 2013: Papergirl SF at Merchants of Reality Gallery, SF

December 2014: Savernack Street Gallery, SF, solo show

May 2015: Parking Lot Art Fair, Fort Mason, SF. Walk: an audio journey

June 2016: Poetry by Request at Love Our Neighborhood Day fair, Oakland

June 2017: Poetry by Request at Oakland Figment

October 2017 and 2018: Poetry by Request at Book Arts Jam in Palo Alto

May 2019: Presence audio series at BulbFest, Albany Bulb


Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland

23HAM Studio, Berkeley


BA in Film Production, San Francisco State University


I’m interested in the magic and mystery beyond the surface of things. What is the story that explains this? What is the story of what we don’t see? We all make up stories about what’s around us to explain the world to ourselves. They are helpful even if they are not the truth.

I make art to explore connections and pathways that lead to an experience of wonder, to see something I hadn’t noticed before, or to see something common in a fresh, intriguing way. It gives me the chance to get outside of my head and stop thinking so much. When I do that I can access something deeper and truer without having to explain it. I want that experience for the viewer to, to transcend the mundane and glimpse into another world that they also have inside themselves.

My art is all three dimensional. The stickers are raised above the surface. The audio and films have the dimension of time. The installations take up space. That’s important to me.

Selected Works:           

Title: An Ideal Block                                                               Year of Completion: 2010
Medium: Photography and narrative voiceover            Length: 5:21

Description: This short film is a meditation on art and perception. How can you really know a thing? How do you know that what you perceive is reality? A thing is an idea before it is a thing. If a blind person has surgery to restore sight, that person cannot actually see. You have to be taught to see. Vision alone means nothing. The video is available here:

Title: This Is What I Saw, This Is What I Heard            Year of Completion: 2011
Medium: wood, paper, pins                                       Size: 18″ x 18″ x 6″

Description: A block of wood is marked and scarred. It has paint smudges and gouges. What’s the story of this block? What did it see and hear, before it came here? This work points out each damaged, marked spot and spins a little tale about what might have happened. It’s a story that’s purely conjectural, overheard, elided. It’s only one of many possible stories.

Title: In the Forest                                                                  Year of Completion: 2011
Medium: paper, bailing wire, metal tubing, toys            Size: 5′ x 5′ x 25′

Description: This was a collaboration between five artists to create a forest experience in a gallery. My contribution was one of the three “trees,” the soundtrack, projected photographs and the threshold of fishing line and strands of fabric.

The “trees” were 25 feet high and moveable by visitors along their tracks. Moving a sculpture tripped a random sound effect to play. Photographs were projected from four projectors onto the sculptures.

Title: Walk Through the Door                                                              Year of Completion: 2011
Medium: fabric, metal rods, springs, rope, wood, doors            Size: 9′ x 9′ x 15′

Description: I created this work based on Burning Man’s theme that year: Rites of Passage. I made a space that was sparely sketched; no actual walls. But it had doors. When you step through a door, you have gone somewhere, even if only a few feet. You’ve made a passage. The room created by the doors and metal rods was a place to stop for a moment and pay attention to time passing.

Title: What I See When I Close My Eyes             Year of Completion: 2010
Medium: various                                               Size: 9′ x 3′ x 6′

Description: I constructed the façade of a giant “tree” in a small room. Five openings in the tree gave views into five dioramas of enchanted scenes. A soundtrack of natural sounds and voices played. I wanted visitors to remember the feeling they had as children, looking into an opening in a tree and fully expecting to see a magical world there.

Title: Poetry Haiku                        Year of Completion: 2010

Five and seven syllable phrases about art are printed on strips of card stock and mounted with repositionable tape to the wall. Viewers are encouraged to create their own haiku poems (three lines, 5-7-5 syllable pattern). The phrases are first person statements that people might make when looking at art, such as “The color is right,” “I feel it in here,” and “Two opposites in my mind.” The audio portion of the piece is a narration about how art changes one, even if that change is not perceptible at the time. It alters one’s outlook, one’s worldview in subtle ways.

Poetry Assemblage                        Year of Completion: 2010

Words are printed on white vintage price tags and attached with string to small objects. The word-object pairs are laid out on a table next to a board covered with black velvet. Visitors select objects to place on the black velvet canvas and create an assemblage. Some emphasize the words, others the objects. Some also use the connecting string as a graphic element and work with the edges of the board to create a “framed” piece.

What is the intersection between the word and the object? They do not logically relate to one another, but can suggest relationships. Some of the pairings: a safety pin and the word “you,” a button and the word “possible.”

Walk: an audio journey                        Year of Completion: 2015

This piece consists of a 10 minute audio program of me narrating a story, singing and directing the walker to come along with me. The narration describes walking in different environments. There are sounds and music. It invites the walker to experience the world created by the program, overlaid on the world he or she is walking through. They are different, yet there are similarities. The real world is partly an imaginary one.