This Is What I Saw, This Is What I Heard

A block of wood is marked and scarred. It has paint smudges and gouges. What’s the story of this block? What did it see and hear, before it came here? This work points out each damaged, marked spot and spins a little tale about what might have happened. It’s a story that’s purely conjectural, overheard, elided. It’s only one of many possible stories.

Another year, another block for the Pro Arts Gallery Box Art show. This time I used the physical object, but as a medium for a story that has nothing to do with the block, yet couldn’t exist without the block.

A mute wooden block, or any object, witnesses a series of human events and may even be marked by them. Can we gather a story by examining the marks? Is that any less valid than making assumptions based on snippets of conversations or vague memories?